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Zero waste and circularity

Circular economy

We prioritize a circular economy approach through waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable practices to lower our carbon footprint

Empowering sustainable packaging

To reduce our carbon footprint, we are gradually reducing the weight of glass bottles produced in Puurs-Sint-Amands, while carefully evaluating other packaging materials such as cardboard and plastic. Our emphasis on reuse is evident through our extensive use of returnable packaging, ensuring that damaged bottles and crates are recycled into new ones.

Clever waste management

Moreover, we actively recycle organic waste streams as animal feed, contributing to waste management and food security.
By following the waste management hierarchy and implementing comprehensive recycling efforts, we aim to build a greener, more sustainable future.

Guiding principles

  1. Reduce

    We prioritize reducing carbon emissions through lighter, reusable glass bottles while considering sustainable packaging options, adapting as needed to maintain quality standards.

  2. Reuse

    The majority of our beer is sold in returnable packaging, and we ensure zero waste by recycling damaged or substandard bottles and crates into new ones.

  3. Recycle

    Our primary packaging is recyclable, including glass bottles, plastic kegs, stainless steel kegs, and aluminum cans. We also recycle organic waste into animal feed and repurpose other waste streams to minimize their environmental impact.

At Duvel Moortgat, we aim to prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can to support the transition to a more circular economy.

Sustainable stories

CHINA / Duvel Moortgat Shanghai

Recyclable/circular packaging and POS material


Zero landfill at Boulevard, US


Ripple Glass


Zero landfill at Duvel in Puurs

BELGIUM / PUURs-sint-amands

Project Eagle Eye

US / Firestone Walker

Minimizing waste at Firestone Walker

BELGIUM / PUURs-sint-amands

From tarp to chair

CZECH REPUBLIC / Bernard Brewery

Recycling tarps into thermos bags

19,000 tons of draff was sent to animal feed

Upcoming actions

  1. Prioritizing waste reduction through glass bottle weight reduction and sustainable material choices.

  2. Emphasizing reusable packaging, recycling damaged items, ensuring zero waste in all countries.

  3. Research enhances by-product value, distilling nutrition and revalorizing side streams for sustainability and food security.

  4. Duvel Moortgat follows waste hierarchy, diverting waste through recycling and digestion, boosting circularity and sustainability.