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Talent development

Ready for the future

At Duvel Moortgat, we foster an employee-driven approach to career development, promoting agility and skills for the present and future.

We fully embrace internal mobility

Building blocks

Our training offer consists of 10 building blocks, each of which contains several training programs that employees can subscribe to.

We are in the midst of implementing an HR Information System that will enhance continuous dialogue between managers and employees, allowing real-time feedback and helping to further increase our focus on well-being and development.

As an international group of breweries, we embrace internal mobility by giving our employees the opportunity to develop within the company while working in other roles, breweries or countries.

Meet Marie

A fascinating international career journey at Duvel Moortgat

I met Daniel Krug, CCO of Duvel Moortgat, at a hospitality fair in Ghent. Based on my work background and my knowledge of the Chinese language, he introduced me to the team at Duvel Moortgat China - with success: I worked as a sales representative in China from 2012 until 2015. After three years, I was looking for a new adventure but really wanted to keep working for Duvel Moortgat, and they advised me to get in touch with Duvel Moortgat USA, where I started working in the summer of 2015. In 2018 I was given the opportunity to become National Accounts Manager Duvel USA, in the central division, and that’s what I’m still doing today. I am curious to see where Duvel Moortgat will take me in future.

I have worked at Duvel Moortgat China as a representative since 2012 and moved to Duvel USA in 2015. Since 2018, I have been responsible for national accounts for the central division.
Marie Huysentruyt

Meet Eline

A fascinating international career journey at Duvel Moortgat

Meet Eline Warrinnier, one of the great examples of personal growth within Duvel Moortgat. Her journey at Duvel Moortgat began in April 2015 at the Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, where she participated in a greenfield warehouse design project. From August that year until July 2016, Eline served as a quality engineer at Duvel Moortgat in Puurs, honing her skills and ensuring top-notch product quality. She then transitioned to become the production manager at Brouwerij ’t IJ, the Dutch basis of Duvel Moortgat, from July 2016. In June 2018, Eline took on the role of commercial director at Birrificio del Ducato Italy, where she managed a sales team of 8, crafted effective sales strategies, and oversaw financial planning and key partnerships.

Duvel Moortgat is like a second family to me, a place where I've not only honed my skills, but also had the privilege of working with some exceptional people.
Eline Warrinnier

Pushing boundaries

From September 2020, Eline continued her journey with Birrificio del Ducato as the general manager, skillfully managing multiple departments and client relations. In January 2022 Eline assumed the role of general manager at Duvel Moortgat Italy. Her journey exemplifies Duvel Moortgat's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering personal growth within the company.

“I am very proud to be part of the Duvel Moortgat family. Ever since the start of my professional career I have been able to push my own boundaries and acquire knowledge in different fields of our business. 

I am very grateful for the trust and for the amazing people that I am able to work with every day.”

Upcoming actions

  1. Launching the Growth Academy next year to offer a range of educational activities for employees and managers, fostering personal and professional growth.

  2. Investing in talent development by equipping employees with the necessary skills to excel in their roles and reduce skill gaps.

  3. Implementing the new HRIS system, Workday, to streamline career path development and management for employees.