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Responsible enjoyment

A balanced lifestyle

At Duvel Moortgat, we prioritize responsible alcohol consumption by offering brews with reduced or no alcohol content, while also promoting a balanced lifestyle through our organized sport events.

Low- and non-alcoholic brews

Chouffe No-Alcohol

A refreshing alcohol-free version of La Chouffe, retaining its spicy and fruity notes

Liefmans on the Rocks 0.0

Bursting with natural fruit flavors, a delightful alcohol-free choice


A unique, tangy, and effervescent kombucha-inspired brew


Berrie is fruity, sour and refreshing at the same time.

Free IPA

A sturdy low-alcohol beer with a deliciously fresh character


A refreshing Belgian-style white beer

Flying start

Crafted with no alcohol, capturing the essence of traditional beer flavors

Sour Cherry

An amber red beer with no alcohol that is mixed with plum juice and sweetened with Stevia

Free Amber

A semi-dark, non-alcoholic beer


A non-alcoholic beer whose taste is so close to alcoholic beer that you can hardly tell the difference.

189% growth of low/no ABV drinks at Duvel Moortgat (2019 vs 2022)

A walk or run in the countyside close to the brewery

Great breweries marathon

Since 2015, we have been teaming up with Bosteels and Palm to organize the Great Breweries Marathon for sporty beer lovers. Participants sign up for a 25 or 42 km walk or run in countryside areas close to the breweries.

A family bike ride with +5000 participants

Duvel on tour

Since 2011, we've hosted 'Duvel on Tour,' a family bike ride drawing thousands from our communities. Over 5,000 joined our latest event, promoting exercise accessibility. We annually donate €5,000 worth of sports equipment to Harpa vzw, a prominent cardiovascular patient association, fostering physical activity and resilience.

Upcoming actions

  1. Expand beer selection to include more options with low or no alcohol content.

  2. Ensure no compromise on taste and quality in these offerings.

  3. Continuously develop and diversify our product range.

  4. Provide consumers with a variety of choices suitable for any occasion.