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Minimizing waste at Firestone Walker

Waste reduction in action

Brewers have long been resourceful by nature. In that tradition, we divert as much from landfill as possible through the recycling, reuse and repurposing of excess materials and equipment.

Each year, 20 million pounds of spent grains and yeast are converted into feed for local livestock. Additionally, we have most supplies delivered in bulk – including 90% of brewing grains, bottles, and cans — which cuts down on incoming materials waste. Our processed plastics, aluminum, glass, and cardboard are 100 percent recycled. We also aim to minimize waste throughout distribution by streamlining packaging, removing excessive cardboard and plastic, and maintaining our fleet of steel kegs that are reclaimed and maintained in-house.

An essential part of our waste program is The Boneyard – an area devoted to the storage of old equipment that is repurposed in various projects. For example, an old whirlpool has been transformed into seating at our Venice location. Similarly, we use reclaimed city water tanks at our wastewater treatment facility.