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A family of authentic craft breweries

Driven by quality and passionate people

We want to play a leading role in a globalized world by becoming and staying hyper relevant locally. We continue to grow our network of breweries, each managed autonomously and independently to ensure fast-decision making and flexibility in the face of changes in their (local) markets.


+2000 employees worldwide

Expertise & entrepreneurship

Like our founders, we keep striving for top quality in our specialty beers. As an international group, we want to use our expertise and pioneering spirit to inspire each of the associated breweries and build strong, quality brands.
11 breweries to discover

A globally leading role by staying hyper relevant locally

We care greatly about protecting our local identity. We don’t just want to be a global player, we want to play a leading role by staying hyper relevant locally.

People who want to discover the complete beer experience are welcome to visit one of our breweries and learn all about our passion for quality and innovation. Each location offers a different experience, so don't hesitate and plan your next visit now.