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Celebrating mastery since 1871

Driven by quality and passionate people

Duvel Moortgat is an independent family of authentic craft breweries, determined to occupy a leading position in specialty beers.

The fourth generation of the Moortgat family has invested constantly in the brewery with the aim of maintaining and even improving the high quality. This concern for quality is inextricably linked to a passion for the brewer’s trade.


Striving for perfection

Quality, craftsmanship and a pioneering spirit are the cornerstones of our family business

We aim to offer consumers top beers. Brewing method, ingredients, motivated, creative people, partners, the best equipment and technique ... all these elements contribute towards achieving high quality.

Passed down over more than four generations

This constant attention to quality, which has been passed down over more than four generations, seems to be a hereditary trait. Combined with innovation, entrepreneurship, respect for our planet and the specific contribution of each member of staff, this has yielded a series of fantastic beers. The care bestowed upon this fine collection is in itself a guarantee that present and future generations will perpetuate the tradition and passion for brewing.

150 years of quality and passion



The Origin

In 1871, Jan-Leonard Moortgat, the son of a brewers’ family from Steenhuffel, founded the Moortgat farm brewery together with his wife Maria De Block. At that time, the newcomer was just one of the 4,000 breweries active in Belgium at the turn of the century. 

Initially things were not particularly easy: in the first pioneering years, Jan-Leonard tried to market a number of high-fermentation beers such as Stavelot. With varying degrees of success. 

Thanks to a combination of enthusiasm, a passion for brewing and craftsmanship, however, Jan-Leonard gradually built up a loyal client base, not just in the area around Breendonk, but even as far away as Brussels, by selling beer to the bourgeoisie. This is evident from the opening of a warehouse in Laeken. The start, as it turned out, of a success, Albert & Victor story that has now lasted for over 150 years...


Duvel Moortgat keeps growing steadily

In 2022, Duvel Moortgat again managed to continue its growth compared to 2021, reaching turnover of EUR 583 million.

The EBITDA remained stable at EUR 148 million and the net profit (group share) slightly decreased to EUR 76 million due to cost inflation. The investments totaling EUR 53 million illustrate that Duvel Moortgat is confident about the future and is continuously working to improve its quality and expand its capacity.

In 2022, a combined total of 2.3 million hectoliters (HL) of beer were brewed across the different breweries in the group. The United States (0.8 million HL) and Belgium (0.5 million HL) are our biggest markets.