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Cheers to remarkable women

Breaking beer stereotypes

Our recently launched “Duvelle” campaign was aimed at putting some remarkable women in the spotlight. We do not believe that the beer industry is exclusively a man’s world, and our own Duvelles are the best examples of that. Meet Lieselotte, Mireille and Ellen, three of the remarkable women we have at our brewery.

A Duvelle is a woman who really knows how to be herself, stays true to herself, makes confident choices and follows her passion without being discouraged by stereotypes and prejudices. Let them say what they want, Duvelles will do it anyway!

  • Mireille, the embodiment of grace and strength within the Duvel Horeca Team. A Duvelle like no other. Always ready to dive into the unknown (and the cold). But equally ready to offer warmth, through refreshing advice and genuine conversation.
  • Lieselotte: never afraid to go straight for the goal, and always runs with reliable positivity and team spirit. Watching from the sidelines? No way. As a lab manager, she’s an amazing team player.
  • Ellen, who is always ready to go the extra mile in her own duvelish manner, with strength and determination. And always a ready smile. Every day she keeps the wheels of the Events Team turning smoothly to make the most of every day.

Another truly great example is the story of Sofie Denis, one of our quality engineers at our brewery in Puurs, with over 5 years ensuring Duvel's exceptional quality. In 2022, she was knighted by the Knighthood of the Roerstok der Brouwers - a proud moment for Sofie and Duvel Moortgat alike. This esteemed recognition reflects her significant contribution to the brewing profession and passion for maintaining the highest standards. As a Duvelle, Sofie inspires us all and serves as an ambassador for brewers in Belgium and beyond. Her dedication and excellence make us truly proud to have her as part of the Duvel Moortgat team.