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Duvel pays homage to the 125th anniversary of René Magritte with a surreal speciality beer in an outstanding replica of the original 1940 CIEL BOUTEILLE.

Duvel is celebrating the 125th birthday of Belgian painter René Magritte. As a tribute to this iconic artist, the brewery is releasing a collection of bottles based on his 1940 surrealist work CIEL BOUTEILLE.

During the war, a painting canvas was a scarce commodity so Magritte decided to use a bottle as a canvas. He thus created a small series of artworks on bottles with an extraordinary 3D effect. This is also how CIEL BOUTEILLE was created, an extraordinary composition of oil paint with the characteristic blue sky and white clouds. And just this iconic work gets a second life today on a 75cl beer bottle.

The Duvel brewers provided yet another surreal touch by brewing Duvel unfiltered for this unique occasion. Magritte's magical cloud world is thus also reflected in a beautiful cloudiness in the bottle. This unfiltered Duvel is characterised by a rich, fruity flavour with a full, bitter aftertaste.


At the outbreak of war, Belgian artist Magritte did not always have canvas or painting canvases so he was limited to painting bottles. Thanks to the round shape of the bottle, he created a cinematic feel. A mini-series of about 25 artful surreal bottles saw the light of day, as well as the iconic CIEL BOUTEILLE artwork. Magritte was very attached to this artwork and kept it with him until his death.

Duvel Moortgat is now giving this unique artwork a second life, bringing it into people's homes. Once again, a bottle forms the canvas for Magritte's iconic clouds. This replica was executed with respect for the artist and with a lot of attention to detail, ensuring that this special, iconic work by the Belgian artist will be emulated in 2023.

Michel Moortgat: "I have enormous respect for this Brussels artist who is still very much alive worldwide today. With his powerful visual language, starting from simple, almost banal objects, he creates a world of double meanings and extra storylines. A true inspiration for us brewers to keep working with beer in a surprising and innovative way too."


Duvel Moortgat has never concealed its passion for design, modern art and architecture. In the past, the brewery already established partnerships with arts centres and museums such as the S.M.A.K and WIELS and the Venice and Lyon Biennales and can look back on a long series of successful collaborations with artists and performers. Thanks to Duvel Collection, for example, young national and international artists get a platform to make their art known to a wide audience and use the iconic Duvel glass as a canvas.

Duvel x Magritte

75 cl ; 8.5 % ALC

Available at selected liquor stores, at the Magritte Museum, the Magritte Shops in Brussels and Brussels Airport, KMSKA and via From July, the bottle will also be available at Carrefour. This limited edition will not be available in every shop at the same time. For up to date info, please contact the point of sale directly.

© Succession René Magritte - SABAM, Belgium, 2023.