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Cheers to all Duvelles!

Refreshingly bold, bubbling with life

We all know a Duvelle who knows how to be abundantly herself. One thing that every Duvelle has in common is staying true to herself, making confident choices, and following her passion without being discouraged by stereotypes and prejudices.

From seeing each altimeter as a victory to standing on the field through all kinds of weather with your teammates. There are countless ways to be a Duvelle. We celebrate them all, and maybe we should all do it a little more often and that's why we like to shine the spotlight on a few of our own Duvelles!

Meet Mireille, the embodiment of grace and strength within the Duvel Horeca Team. A Duvelle unlike any other. Always ready to dive into the unknown (and the cold). Yet always ready to warm your soul with refreshing advice and heartfelt conversation.

Watch Mireille's video here

Meet Lieselot: never afraid to go straight for the goal, always runs with a solid assist of positivity and collegiality. Watch from the sidelines? No way. As lab manager, she's one heck of a team player.

Watch Lieselot's video here

Like Ellen, who is always ready to go the extra mile in her own duvelish manner. With strength and determination. And her smile always at the ready. Every day she greases the wheels of the Events & Experience Team to get the most out of every day.

Watch Ellen's video here

They can say anything they want, Duvelles do it anyway!