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Gabriëlla Moortgat award

Legacy of remarkable women

It’s not surprising that we have a focus on our Duvelles. Remarkable women have been part of our brewery since the beginning.

Gabriella Moortgat, granddaughter of the founder of the brewery and daughter of Duvel's inventor was very active in her own community. Among other things, ‘Gaby’ was alderman of Puurs-Sint-Amands, chairwoman of the local Red Cross, and patron of the Emile Verhaerenmuseum, and devoted her whole life to Flemish art heritage. Even after her death, the tradition of making extraordinary awards to women who render special services to their community has continued. Every two years we present a cheque for €15,000 to two women who have made remarkable contributions to society.

In 2021, Dominique Kerremans (Mercy Ships) and Hannah Vandewiele (Stichting Hubi & Vinciane – Aquapontics) were recognized for their extraordinary dedication. Each laureate received a grant of €15,000, empowering them to make a meaningful impact. Hannah's innovative Aquapontics projects in South Africa and Benin foster self-sufficiency through sustainable agriculture, while Dominique's volunteer work with Mercy Ships improves global access to medical care.