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Chouffe Alcoholvrij, joy for everyone!

At the end of November 2022, Brewery Achouffe added a brand new beer to their range, bringing the total number of home-brewed beers of the brewery to 10. The new beer is alcohol-free so that everyone can enjoy it at any time.

Chouffe Alcoholvrij is a blond specialty beer with a pearly white head and a delicious taste. The beer is brewed with the same passion and expertise as usual. As a result, the typical fruitiness and spicy accent of the Chouffe beers is also present in Chouffe Alcohol-free, together with a soft refreshing touch so that it can really be enjoyed at any time. Because Chouffe Alcohol-free is brewed not only with barley, but also with wheat, the granular aromas are released at the first sips, which contributes to the refreshing, but slightly bitter taste of the beer. In contrast to the other specialty beers, a special yeast is used during brewing that does not convert sugars into alcohol during the fermentation process and can therefore keep the alcohol percentage below 0.4 %.

Last year, Brewery Achouffe celebrated its 40th anniversary in the Fairies Valley with a grand birthday weekend. In 1982, Chouffe was brewed for the first time at the same place where this still happens to this day. In honor of this festive occasion, the brewery released Chouffe 40, a blond specialty beer with a spicy aroma. The beer is slightly lighter than its predecessors and also a lot sweeter, in which the notes of citrus fruits and sage play an important role.

Chouffe Alcoholvrij is for sale in bars and restaurants as well as in selected beverage shops and supermarkets. It is also available in the Netherlands, France, Spain, UK, US and Italy.