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The next sustainable step for Duvel Moortgat: SBTi commitment

Sustainability is one of our five core values and therefore an important priority for all breweries within Duvel Moortgat. A large number of sustainable initiatives have been and are already being rolled out worldwide, but always based on a local strategy. An overview of these can be found on the new sustainability page of our website.

The next step is to develop a global strategy, which starts with the elaboration of objectives and ambitions. That is why we have joined SBTi, in full the Science Based Target Initiative. We are currently heading for a much higher global warming than the 1.5°C target. It is very important that companies also take action quickly. During the global climate conference  (COP28), the importance of companies in the climate transition was emphasized once again.

What is SBTi?

The Science Based Target Initiative is a collaboration between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute and WWF. The initiative shows companies in a science-based way by how much and by when they need to reduce their emissions to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

A concrete first step is to translate ambitions into scientifically substantiated objectives. These objectives are then assessed by the independent experts of the SBTi. If the objectives meet a whole list of criteria, they are labelled 'science-based'. It is then up to the companies to achieve the objectives by taking action. 

What does the commitment mean for us in concrete terms?

The first step for us is to make a commitment to set goals for the short term (2030). These objectives apply to all our operations and breweries worldwide. Our Sustainability team is calculating our global emissions. That will be the starting point for drawing up and having our objectives validated.