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A warm heart for the Duchenne Parent Project

Together with Stijn and Vincent, two friends and Duvel fans, we sold fire baskets in the shape of a Duvel glass for the benefit of the Duchenne Parent Project. In less than a day, all 150 fire baskets flew out the door, representing a revenue of €13,332, an amount that was donated entirely to charity.

Friends Stijn & Vincent made an first version of the fire basket in the shape of a Duvel glass a while ago and because they received so many positive reactions from friends, the idea of selling the fire baskets began to mature. They only wanted to do that if they could donate the proceeds to charity. That charity became the 'Duchenne Parent Project', an association that is close to them. For the sale and promotion of the fire baskets, they asked Duvel Moortgat to work together.

Duvel Moortgat was such a fan of the (heart) warming initiative that a limited amount of the handmade fire baskets were offered on the Duvel webshop. Those who bought a unique fire pit supported the 'Duchenne Parent Project'.

'Duchenne Parent Project' is an independent association of parents and relatives of children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, an inherited muscle disease that affects muscles. This association is committed in various ways to support and stimulate scientific research into the disease. Moreover, they also want to raise awareness among more people. You can read more about this project here.

We knew that we have a lot of Duvel fans. We also knew that those same Duvel fans have a warm heart. But the fact that the Duvel fire baskets sold out so quickly still left us a bit speechless. In less than a day, all 150 fire baskets were gone.

Yesterday, the volunteers of the Duchenne Parent Project, together with Stijn and Vincent, were invited to the brewery in Breendonk for the presentation of the cheque.